Shop Local Placentia Area Social Media Awareness Campaign

Posted: November 26, 2021 | Uncategorised

Employment Opportunity

Placentia Chamber of Commerce is requesting proposals from an experienced individual or agency to develop a creative and engaging Shop Local Awareness Campaign.


Placentia Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organization that was established to enhance the socio-economic well-being of Placentia and surrounding communities, as the leading voice of commerce and industrial development. Placentia Chamber has acted as the voice of the business community and has undertaken a variety of events and projects all aimed at improving the entrepreneurial experience for its members and other stakeholders. Placentia Chamber has shown tremendous foresight and leadership in raising the level of awareness and participation of the business community.  For example, large industrial-type projects, small business, fishery and aquaculture operations, tourism ventures, technology projects and shipping companies. Placentia Chamber of Commerce is an organization committed to the development and growth of the economic, civic and industrial success of our community and province.



The purpose of this project is to develop an awareness campaign to promote the importance of supporting local business. The campaign will highlight commodities and services available in the catchment area of the Placentia Chamber of Commerce. The campaign should:


  • Promote members of the Placentia Chamber of Commerce.
  • Highlight local businesses by broadening awareness of the consequences of shopping choices and is therefore assisting in the stability and rebuilding of our local economies.
  • To influence and change the shopping behaviour of local residents to “Think Local First”.
  • Talk to businesses owners to create awareness of this shop local project and benefits of the membership in the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Attract customers to local businesses.


Description of Service

Deliverables of the project will include:

  • Development of an appropriate campaign theme and corresponding graphics
  • Creation of a web presence to be linked to Chamber Web Site
  • Development of promotional videos to feature multiple member businesses
  • Creation of content for use on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter
  • Creation of print promotional material including pop-up banners, decals for businesses and descriptive flyer

Target date: November/December 2021.

Upon completion of the campaign, the proponent will provide an overall review and report that will outline the overall success / failure of the campaign, as well as required data such as, reach, likes, and views for each platform.


Budget Details

Please contact Chamber’s office.



The submission for this request should include the following:

  • Overview of individual/agency replying
  • How you plan to meet our objectives
  • Explanation of deliverables
  • Timelines and costing for project delivery
  • Examples of previous work on similar campaigns
  • Your terms and conditions
  • Start date and end date


Proposals are due by Tuesday, November 30th at 4:00pm. Email:  to the attention of Winnie Barry.