In an Age-Friendly community, the physical, social and political environments support people of all ages in meeting their daily needs. The goal of Age Friendly Placentia initiative is to promote a high quality of life, comfort and security and meaningful social inclusion by accommodating the physical, behavioural, economic and social changes a person may experience in their life time living in the Placentia area.

This community driven action plan was put into place by Placentia Chamber of Commerce based on the meaningful involvement of the residents, organizations and businesses that make up the Placentia community.

A major part of the Chamber’s Age Friendly initiative is the Annual Age Friendly Expo, a fun, information-packed, and successful event for all ages.  It is events like these that bring much-needed awareness to our residents and businesses.

It is the Placentia Chamber of Commerce’s belief that continued improvements will benefit everyone:  businesses, families, and individuals, now and in the future.